25 July, 2020

Class X: Chapter 4 (Agriculture: Major Crops of India - Food Crops)


Sushanta06 September, 2018Please sir kindly upload other subject book other than geography
Parag08 October, 2018This notes are very useful for analyzing chapter
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Jacob06 August, 2019This chart is very helpful.Helped me to complete my assignment
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Likitha ne24 August, 2019Very nice to understand for us. It is very useful for us. Thank you so much. All the best
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Namanjeet singh06 February, 2020Great sir these notes helped me a lot during my exams
Yashas 12 March, 2020Wooh! Good work
Mehboob ali ansari15 March, 2020Thank you so much sir . Tis table is so so useful for me
Disha15 March, 2020Fantastic notes sir!! Thing to be appreciated...
Rohit16 May, 2020It's very easy to understand
Bholarammeena 18 May, 2020Thankfully
Thank you03 July, 2020Thankyou a lot
Subhalakshmi beuria 23 July, 2020Outstanding notes
Priyansh28 July, 2020outstanding brilliant notes
Priyansh28 July, 2020these notes are very helpfull to me . Very brilliant notes
Riya sinha.29 July, 2020Thank you so much it is very very important for me.
Reyansh09 August, 2020Good
Unknown11 August, 2020Fantastic
Unknown11 August, 2020Where are t he notes of other crops
Muki28 August, 2020Summary on major crops
Kush13 December, 2020Oye hoye wahh wahh.....maza aagaya
Huzaifa19 January, 2021very helpful!
sarthak01 February, 2021It is very useful and helps a lot u did an amazing work👍👏

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