Q1. What are considered as the lifelines of national economy?
Q2. Name the classification of roads.
Q3. Name the different organizations responsible for the construction and upkeep of different types of roads located in India.
Q4. Name the classification of roads on the basis of the type of material used.
Q5. What is Road Density?
Q6. What are the major problems faced by Indian Roads?
Q7. Write a note on the first train of India.
Q8. Name the different rail gauge found in India.
Q9. In how many zones Indian railways have been divided?
Q10. What are the major problems faced by Indian Railways?
Q11. Name the three important networks of pipeline transportation in India.
Q12. Highlight any five key features of waterways.
Q13. How many waterways have been declared as the national waterways by the government of India? Name them.
Q14. There are how many major and minor sea ports in India?
Q15. Which was the first port developed soon after independence?
Q16. What is the total length of coastline in India?
Q17. Name the different sea ports of India used for exporting iron ore to different parts of the world.
Q18. When was the air transportation nationalized in India?
Q19. Name few of the airlines operating in India.
Q20. Highlight important airports in India.
Q21. Name the six mail channels that have been introduced recently for the quick delivery of mails in large towns and cities in India.
Q22. Highlight major means of Personal communication and mass communication in the country.
Q23. Mention key features of the Indian Postal Service.
Q24. Write a short note on All India Radio (Akashwani) and Doordarshan.
Q25. Describe the role of newspapers in India.
Q26. What is international trade?
Q27. Define: (a) Import (b) Export (c) Balance of Trade
Q28. Write a note on tourism in India.
Q29. Which industry in India has emerged in last fifteen years?
Q30. What are the two main components of international trade?