25 July, 2020

Class X: Chapter 4 (Agriculture - Major Crops of India - Food Crops other than Grains)


Harsheen 18 March, 2020It is really very helpful. Thank you
Gowtham Krishna 25 April, 2020Thank you. I can’t tell how useful it is πŸ˜„
Pseudonym01 July, 2020Thank you
Meenu 19 July, 2020It was very helpful U forgot about the horticultural crops though
Priyanshi Saha 23 July, 2020thank you very much. Very helpfull and easy to learn:)
Chetana30 August, 2020Thank you a lot its really a great table all the points in textbook got cover ! Thanks , Keep up the great work ^__^
Regina Rhythm 31 August, 2020Thank you loads
Asmi 26 September, 2020It is really very helpful. Thanks a lot 😊
Shashank Shekhar16 December, 2020Really helpfull

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